Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9th, 2009

My Life April 9th, 2009

Today has been a Pretty good day. I Didnt really do anything... First, i woke up ,Not as earlier than wat I would have liked, but at least I woke then I got dressed and looked at the State Fine Arts Scheduale that we got today... I discovered that I Play my Piano solo at 9:02 A.M.... I'm kinda worried cause It will be my first time to play in the whole day... (for yall who dont understand that,m that means that my fingers will not be warmed up, so i might not do as well as I could if my fingers were warmed up...) but no worries... i will do great... and then I ate brunch with mama... I had, ummm, sumthing that I thought tasted Mama had a Carrots and raison salad to be
Then we all got dressed and we went to Wal-Mart... We wlked around and I played with MY FUTURE video I really want a JVC and Then we went home and I ate supper(Hamburgers) and then I Watched theFirst Show of HARPERS I LOVE IT!!! its so COOL!... then I texted, then now Im writing my this blog thats all...


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8th, 2009

My Day April 8th, 2009

Well today I didnt do much of I should have washed the dishes, but SmaRt Me, I didnt do them...SOO i will have alot to do BUt I did do something I TOOk A SHOWER!!!!! YAY!!!!!! lolol... just But really i did take one... and also I went To church...And after I and my frineds and Mama we practiced for fine arts... just and I GOt A HORRIBLE SORE THROAT.... AHHH!!!!.... it HUrts SO BAD....lolololol... and Wen i got home I watched !*TWILIGHT*!... I loved it... I judged it by how good it went by the book, Which OF CORSE it didnt go Exactly how the book goes BUT who cares.... NoT but now it like 12:51 A.M. so I guess I will im even talking to somebody...lolol...